Justify Your IT Investments

How do you improve customer satisfaction? If performance metrics are decreasing while agent handle times rise, your contact center model may no longer work for the size or needs of your organization. In fact, Digital DataVoice has discovered a direct correlation between company mergers or acquisitions and a downgraded customer experience due to redundant applications and disparate back-end systems.

DDV’s Contact Center Assessment was specifically developed to address these issues and many more. Our team of expert consultants can design a comprehensive strategy for your multi-channel user experience, including IVR, web and mobile channels. As part of the assessment, each channel within your customer service delivery model will be assessed to gain an understanding of the effectiveness of the individual components, as well as how those pieces support a single, cohesive service strategy.

Aligning Business Goals with Service

Our customers benefit from DDV’s proven dual-focused methodology. We work to understand the short and long-term service goals from your executive and leadership teams. We then align that understanding with end-user behaviors, industry trends and cross-vertical best practices. The result is an actionable set of recommendations to support your strategic service and technology vision.

DDV works with leading platform providers and partners for multiple call center automation technologies. Download our whitepaper “The Broken Multi-channel Experience”, and learn how DDV can help you avoid common pitfalls of today’s multi-channel service environment.

Download “The Broken Multi-Channel Experience”