Seamless Handoffs

Successfully bridging the interaction between your IVR and customer service representatives is key to delivering a positive customer experience. When callers need to be transferred, the process must happen quickly and efficiently. The data collected must arrive ahead of the caller to ensure a seamless interaction. Digital DataVoice is a leading provider of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) systems to help you achieve these objectives.

Imagine if every customer that dialed into your IVR was appropriately routed to representatives who knew exactly what they needed and swiftly moved them to the next step. DDV’s solutions help you automate routine processes, maximize existing technology investments and minimize agent training time and costs.

CTI Solutions digital-datavoice-call-center-solutions
Multi-Channel Environments

DDV is committed to leveraging automation that delivers concierge levels of service throughout your customers’ entire experience. Our team of highly skilled professionals understands the challenges that multi-channel communications can pose and how to effectively overcome those challenges. Our expertise has been developed by working with the industry’s leading technology and service platforms, as well as many lesser known solutions. Whether you are integrating into a soft-phone or a more complex agent desktop environment, DDV can design, develop and integrate solutions that transition invisibly from one channel to the next.

Did you know that we also provide IVR design, development and implementation? Combining IVR services with our CTI solutions can improve your service experience while reducing call handle time and operational expense. Ask us about our history of successful IVR deployment.