Evolve with Customers

How do mobile phone users fill a prescription or make an appointment? It goes beyond IVR. Digital DataVoice’s Email/SMS Solutions have been designed to address the changing service needs of today’s connected customer. Rapid adoption of SMS and email communications between companies and their customers has caused the industry to take notice – and more importantly – react. What you need, however, is a proactive approach.

From simple email campaigns to complex two-way SMS strategies, DDV has the proven expertise to develop a customized solution that is right for your company. Our professional services team has extensive experience in developing cross-channel solutions that move the service interaction beyond the traditional voice channel.

Focus on ROI

Through the implementation of email and SMS services, DDV customers have expanded their service reach, resulting in fewer routine calls to their contact center and marked improvements in customer satisfaction. We will work with you to ensure your strategies are properly aligned for high adoption rates and maximum return on investment.

Let the consultants and technical experts at DDV show you the benefits of implementing proactive email or SMS solutions today. When the next wave in communication arrives, you’ll be ready.

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