Know When to Scale

Many customers would rather send an email or complete a contact form than call your business about their questions or concerns. Today’s organizations must adapt to this increasing volume of digital communication. As the number of emails your business receives grows, you have to move beyond having a single person watching a mailbox and responding as time permits when the emails flow in.

The right contact center solution will ensure your business is handling email communication quickly and efficiently. When customers ask a question or submit a concern via email, they expect you to respond in a timely manner. For every hour or day that goes by without a response, your customer’s experience worsens – as does their perception of your company. DDV helps you design and implement a plan to ensure all emails are addressed in a way that meets the needs of your customers.

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Turn Your Agents Into Email Experts

Today’s contact center agents need to be able to do more than answer the phone. By implementing the right email solution into your contact center, you’ll improve your customer journey and make your entire business more efficient. A managed email solution will help your organization with:

  • Efficient work delivery to multiple agents to ensure quick response and correct handling
  • Tracking metrics of agent performance including number of interactions, speed of handling, and agent occupancy
  • SLA measurement so you know how well you are responding to customers
  • Efficient handling including templates for responding, canned responses to common questions, and searchable knowledge bases to enable accurate and efficient responses
  • Supervision so your team can review responses before they go out to customers
  • Feeds into Workforce Management systems to enable effective staffing

Are you ready to turn your agents into email experts?

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