IVR Designed to Serve

Your company’s IVR is a gateway to your service experience, yet many systems are painfully outdated and neglected. At best, the IVR is disconnected from branding and marketing objectives. At its worst, IVR functionality is plagued with a patchwork of options and experiences that makes even the most patient users cringe. If customers get lost in your IVR, they may be gone for good.

To address these real concerns, Digital DataVoice has developed an IVR Application Assessment. This tailored assessment focuses on the performance and usability of your customer self-service experience. We analyze the existing portfolio of voice self-service functionality, application usage and performance metrics. We appraise the system’s effectiveness and usability to determine which applications and functionality should be extended, which should be re-written and which should be retired.

Multiple Platform Experience

DDV’s customer experience experts will gain insights from executives and stakeholders around existing application pain points, organizational challenges and objectives. We balance those business issues with evaluating a caller’s journey through the phone channel — from IVR to self-service automation to contact center agent handling. Because DDV has experience with design and development of tailored IVR systems regardless of the platform, we provide an objective view of your opportunities for cost-effective improvements.

You will receive actionable recommendations and financial assessments that will help you develop a strategic plan to align service delivery with organizational goals.

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