Inbound Voice - Automated Self-Service IVR

When customers call your business, the first thing they typically hear is your IVR system. How well your IVR understands who’s on the phone and its ability to provide useful and meaningful information sets the stage for a successful—or awful—customer experience.

DDV has been helping customers design, develop, and implement effective IVR solutions for over 25 years. With expertise in all major IVR platforms, we can help you build a best-in-class experience for your callers no matter what technology exists in your contact center. We believe automated voice solutions should follow these key principles:

  • Know the Customer. Identification and Authentication (ID & Auth) are the key first steps. Securely identify customers and beat all comparative benchmarks in the industry.
  • Craft a Personalized Interaction. Use all available means—business intelligence, relationship data, and transactions—to tailor the interaction to each caller.
  • Keep It Simple. Make it easy for the customer to accomplish their goal with as few steps as possible during the call.
  • Use the Customer’s Terminology—not yours. Let customers use their own words instead of simply reacting to your prompts. Recognize what your customers are saying and enable them to complete transactions with as little friction as possible.

How effective is your IVR?

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Speech Recognition

DDV’s Speech recognition implementation expertise is second to none. Our team of experts works with companies in all major market verticals to design and build solutions that make it easy for customers to interact.

The key factors in a successful implementation include:

  • Persona Development: IVR doesn’t need to be a generic experience. We help develop the right persona for your business so your system reflects your brand.
  • System Design: If your system doesn’t sound natural, your customers will develop an immediate negative perception. We use a combination of art and science to build systems that deliver a real human experience from beginning to end.
  • Tuning: Even a great system can be made better by listening to your customers. Our speech scientists follow a refined methodology that uses the data collected from your customer experiences to fine-tune the system’s design.
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Implementing the Right Solution

DDV’s contact center experts help you determine the most effective way to serve your customers. Our extensive experience with both speech input and DTMF-based systems allows us to recommend the solution that will work best for your customer journey. As a platform-agnostic service provider. we don’t try to force a specific solution onto your contact center. We develop dynamic, personalized, and modern solutions that give the best possible interaction for your customers.

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