Mind the Gaps

What is the cost of a frustrated customer? The team at Digital DataVoice knows that the world of self-service is increasingly complex. Customers demand a wider variety of multi-channel touch points. They expect their demands to be met with extraordinary customer service whenever and however they interact. Furthermore, as customers become more technically savvy, their expectations for sophisticated and seamless interactions and intelligence also increase. Unfortunately for many companies, shifts in customer expectations have outpaced upgrades in contact center environments. The result is declining service experiences.

Delivering a true multi-channel contact center experience is possible. At DDV, we are focused on helping you understand how to properly align all of your service channels, deliver consistent information across each touchpoint and ensure that your contact centers act as a cohesive unit. Whether customers choose SMS, chat, voice, web or mobile, DDV can transform a fragmented service experience into a satisfying multi-channel interaction.

Multi-Channel Contact Center
Proactive Consulting

DDV offers a comprehensive approach to the multi-channel contact center by providing strategic planning services to align your business objectives with technology investments; we then deliver experienced design and implementation for a variety of platforms and applications. And finally, our Managed Services/Day 2 Support offers the option for ongoing management and recommendations that help your call center team mitigate service issues and costs.

DDV works with leading platform providers and partners for multiple call center automation technologies. Download our whitepaper “The Broken Multi-channel Experience”, and learn how DDV can help you avoid common pitfalls of today’s multi-channel service environment.

Download “The Broken Multi-Channel Experience”