5 Customer Experience Strategies for Today's Contact Center

As little as five years ago, the “customer journey” barely registered as a tracking metric within the contact center. A lot has changed… And as customers become savvier with technology, the customer journey and the experience within is taking top priority. The power to define the customer experience, across all channels, is in their hands. This presents a dilemma for companies as the challenge to deliver on these expectations becomes somewhat of a moving target. Balancing the seamless integration of the traditional inbound phone channel with mobile, web and outbound solutions makes success much more difficult to achieve. 

Traits of Success

Businesses that exceed at creating exceptional experiences for their customers do so by investing in robust technology solutions. These solutions enable them to quickly capture, understand, and act on customer intent at each point along the journey creating their best view of the customer. 

Focus is applied on aligning five key communication strategies to drive customer-first experiences:

  • Create opportunity to identify the customer early on in the journey, and predict intent, to create powerful intelligent routing applications
  • Invest in quality speech recognition and continuously improve the experience
  • Build proactive outreach campaigns designed to place the needs of the customer first
  • Enable cohesive service experiences for all channels including mobile and web
  • Strategically incorporate cutting-edge technology, such as voice-first and AI powered platforms, to solve for crucial gaps in customer service

The strategies above play a vital role in achieving success within the contact center but they are not the only contributors of success. Establishing a seamless transition from automation to live agent reinforces the importance placed on the customer and their time.


Delivering a meaningful experience for your customers requires
a complete 360 view of your relationship with them.

Delivering meaningful experiences requires a complete 360 view of the relationship with the customer. As a first step, businesses are connecting the customer’s interactions across all available channels and presenting this story to their agents, along with intelligently mined assistive tools, to provide an in-the-moment understanding of the customer’s journey and their anticipated needs before engaging with them. Their agents are not simply solving problems- they are building and nurturing relationships.

As your team’s view of the customer’s interactions becomes more holistic, the easier it will be to anticipate the customers’ needs, the better their expectations will be met, and your business goals achieved. Making this happen is a challenge. It requires the development of a culture rooted in customer experience supported by a seamlessly integrated omni-channel solution. But the businesses that get this right will reach new heights in customer satisfaction in the moments that matter.

How to Start Planning

To develop an actionable plan, your team of business, technology and service leaders should work together to align on service goals extending 18-to-36 months.  Starting with a comprehensive review of your existing service processes, communication infrastructure, data sources and their role in supporting your customer needs will provide you with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses and position your organization for success.

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