We Make Customer Service Better

Delivering great customer service is a demanding job that requires a strong commitment to your customers. For over 25 years, DDV has helped contact centers deliver the exceptional customer service that helps businesses reach their goals.

At DDV, we believe the primary purpose of the contact center is to provide outstanding customer service the most efficient way possible. We create and implement solutions designed to:

Deliver Great Value
Our team of delivery experts has extensive experience designing and building solutions that work. We know what needs to happen, and when, to ensure a successful delivery. The system we build will provide great benefits to your customers and your business, and we’ll get it done quickly and efficiently.

Make Transactions Easy
Simpler is better. The most effective way to improve the customer experience is to make it easier for customers. We build solutions that lay the framework to make every customer transaction easy and convenient.

Personalize Interactions
The best way to provide service to your customer is to tailor the experience to their specific needs. We’ll help you leverage knowledge of your customers and their specific place in your workflow so you can craft unique interactions that match their needs.

Be Proactive
Get better connected with your customers by getting them the information they need before they ask for it. With automated outreach systems you can improve communication for all parties by delivering information faster, eliminating customer frustration, and reducing inbound calls.

Meet the Customer on Their Terms
You have customers who prefer digital communications. DDV helps you expand your contact center to handle their preferences. Don’t force customers to call when they would rather email, chat, or ask their at-home device for assistance.

A contact center is most successful when it leverages your business’s knowledge of a customer to provide a more personalized interaction that meets the customer on their communication channel of choice. Partner with DDV and see how years of expertise in a wide range of industries allow us to enable you to provide a level of customer service that sets you apart from your competition.

Automate Voice Outbound Campaigns
Balancing Service and Cost

Customer Service and cost too often are seen as competing priorities. Unfortunately, businesses often pursue lower cost solutions at the expense of quality service. Automated interactions are cheaper than human agents, but automated solutions are often poorly implemented and result in frustrated customers. In the long run, these cheaper solutions end up costing your business more.

DDV helps you realize the benefits of a different approach. By designing an intelligent solution that leverages the appropriate technology while ensuring the transaction is as simple as possible for the customer, we deliver a solution that provides a better customer experience – and drives costs down. Let our best practice approach to solution design make better service at a lower cost a reality for your contact center.

Technology Experts

As a platform agnostic service provider, DDV partners with the leading providers of hosted and premise contact center platforms. For over 25 years, we’ve utilized the tools from the best vendors to ensure businesses implement the most efficient call center solutions. Our experience and knowledge help us recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and each execution environment, allowing us to match your business needs with the solution that will give you the best performance and the most value.

If you’re evaluating technologies or exploring the differences between on-premise and cloud-based solutions, leverage our experience to help your business make the right strategic choices.

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