Understanding and Improving the Caller Journey

We’ve partnered with Parlance Corporation, a leading provider of adaptive speech call routing solutions, to further improve the caller experience for our clients. 

Parlance examines the way callers interact with businesses, and uses speech automation to get them to the right place without the effort and frustration of lengthy auto attendants, long hold times, and multiple transfers. They have a proven track record of helping organizations like yours enhance the way customers connect to your business, and the results are dramatic: lower costs, reduced revenue leakage, and improved service levels.

If you’ve been wrestling with customer experience initiatives or facing the challenges of higher call volumes and fewer resources, learn more about Parlance at the following resources:

ROI Calculator

Enter a few existing contact center metrics to see the potential financial benefits of more friendly and efficient call routing.

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WEBINAR: Redefining Customer Care

WEBINAR: Redefining Customer Care

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