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WebText is the premier SMS communications enablement company in the market today. It is the only messaging company fully integrated with every Avaya and Cisco contact center platform on the market. As a WebText Technology Partner, DDV provides integration services that can introduce or enhance SMS communications in your contact center.

Our strategic planning staff can help you determine the most effective means to incorporate an SMS channel with your overall customer service communications — while being mindful of regulatory requirements. Then, DDV can provide turn-key solutions delivery to help you launch it. We are a reseller of WebText SMS services as well as an implementer of automated two-way SMS interactions or one-way outbound notification services. We know how to set up business processes to respond to user texts.

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Ask us about our two-way SMS demo to try on your own mobile device. Experience how this technology can support a multi-channel strategy through the existing IVR. Keep in mind that DDV delivers on platforms from Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Convergys, Nuance and Aspect/Voxeo.

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