For some organizations, managing contact center technologies and solutions can be a daunting task. Rapid advancements in technologies require specialized skill sets for implementation and launch as well as support after launch — beyond the basic help desk. Larger organizations with multiple contact centers can also face challenges in managing upgrade timelines and budgets. The default is a reactive approach to support triggered by problems rather than planning.

Digital DataVoice’s comprehensive Managed Services program was designed with your future in mind. Our program is highly customizable and flexible to ensure all of your company’s support needs are met. Services range from application support to complete turn-key coverage of your new solution. Each Managed Services customer is supported by an experienced team of professionals who know your technologies, understand your applications and are well versed in identifying issues well before they become problematic for your customers. Throughout the year, our team attends national trade conferences to stay current on new technologies. Then we keep you informed.

Proactive Recommendations:

Choose a Managed Services team that operates like a business partner, not just a vendor waiting for your call. We will regularly assess your organization’s needs and proactively recommend options. Your contact center team can be nimble in the face of constant change, adopting long-term services that complement evolving support needs.