Starting off with Success

Efficient contact centers leverage self-service technology where it adds value, but not all conversations can be handled by automation. When automation isn’t the best answer for your customers, your agents must be equipped to handle each customer’s unique needs.

Your agents should be set up for success from the beginning of a conversation. When a customer has already provided information to an automated system or another agent, you can’t start a conversation with “who are you” or “how can I help you”. DDV will help you implement a solution that provides agents with better context for the customer’s call so you can create a consistent and positive customer journey.

If you have a multi-channel contact center, it’s vital to ensure your agents have a complete view of every interaction the customer has had with your business. DDV designs the agent’s desktop environment to bring together all communications and enhance it with vital information about the customer so your agents can readily see:

  1. What kind of a customer is this?
  2. What business workflow is in progress?
  3. What recent transactions have occurred?
  4. What proactive communications have been sent?

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Connecting Customers to the Right Agent

For most organizations, contact center agents have a diverse range of skills and abilities. It’s easy when every agent can handle any kind of service and customer, but those environments are rare exceptions. DDV’s contact center experts help you identify and implement a strategy for identifying customers and their needs so you can quickly connect them to the agent that will serve them best.

A successful hand-off to an agent needs to align the identification of the caller and their needs with the structure of your contact center. But your customer doesn’t need to understand how your organization is structured. Rather, your contact center should ensure each interaction with the customer is based on solving their issue on their terms. DDV utilizes industry best practices to make this transition seamless so your customers get the most value out of each interaction.

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DDV partners with organizations to design and implement the right Workforce Optimization solutions to ensure peak efficiency. Every contact center agent should be prepared for the tasks they are given. Call recording and quality management solutions measure the effectiveness of your agents and tools to help ensure every interaction meets company standards.

In multi-channel environments, recognizing the difference in agent load that digital communications place on agents can have a major impact on WorkForce Management (WFM) implementations. DDV helps you find the right solution to make workload distribution easy and implement it based on your company’s unique needs so you can have a more efficient contact center.

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