Intelligent personal assistants like Alexa can do more than play music and turn off the lights—they can enable customers to interact with your organization from within their home. Our team of Voice User Interface designers, speech scientists, and developers are skilled at creating powerful, easy-to-use interactions for customers, and now we are bringing that expertise to at-home platforms like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

An enterprise solution needs to combine powerful business analytics and high-value experiences to ensure you are pushing your brand into the home to drive greater customer satisfaction and repeat business. Whether you are looking to deploy your first voice capable channel or to monitor and enhance existing voice applications, our team of experienced professionals has the expertise to support your business from design through implementation to ongoing support and enhancements.

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Deliver Consistent Experiences Across Platforms

DDV’s enterprise scale solutions are flexible and cost-efficient. Our expertise in speech design and platform-independent tools along with our ‘develop once’ approach enables fast deployment across multiple platforms so you can have your applications up and running in weeks, not months. Get the benefit of:

  • Faster deployment
  • Decreased cost
  • Consistent experience
  • On-going Maintenance

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Gain Increased Visibility Into Customer Experiences

Many first-generation implementations are uninstalled within the first week. Our platform-agnostic framework delivers conversational analytics and diagnostics in one comprehensive view, allowing you to measure and improve how users are interacting with you through Amazon Alexa skills and Google Assistant actions.

Connect customer behavior, application performance and more with real-time reports and dashboards. Obtain a total view of the customer experience through in-depth user interaction statistics and gain the insights needed to measure the impact of your solution.

Gather data on:

  • Repeat Users
  • Average time to complete transactions
  • Features accessed by users
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Turn Insights Into Action

Through actual data gathered from real users, we capture the success rate of your customers, gain insight into how they are using your application, discover additional features they are seeking, and build recommendations based on that data to bring your application to the next level.

Let our team of experts work with you to understand how customers are using this new channel of communication. DDV will help you enable a continuous improvement cycle to ensure customers continue to see value in the experience they’ve installed in their home.

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