Get the Power of Cloud

If you’re looking to get more out of your contact center, the answer is in the cloud. With Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), you have the power of an all-in-one solution that gives you the performance and options your business needs for maximum customer engagement. Moving to a hosted solution gives you…

Faster Implementation
Get your contact center up and running in a fraction of the time so you can start benefiting immediately. CCaaS deployments do not rely on large infrastructure build-outs and can often be operating effectively and producing results within days. Whether you are undergoing an initial conversion or scaling to dynamic business needs, your hosted contact center will react with the speed your business demands.

User-Friendly Control
CCaaS tools are easy and intuitive for end users. With the complexities of the environment pushed into the cloud, they are also easy for your business to control. New agents become productive faster so your contact center can have ongoing success.

Cost Efficiency
Pay for what you need, when you need it. CCaaS lets you easily scale to meet temporary demand without overwhelming your IT environment. There’s no need to build out a large infrastructure for seasonal or one-time peaks. With an affordable monthly operational cost rather than big upfront payments, your valuable capital can be put to work in your most important opportunities.

Bulletproof Security
CCaaS environments were designed with secure access needs in mind. Leverage existing PCI and HIPPA compliant cloud infrastructure instead of building it into your environment. Hosted offerings consistently provide companies with more up-to-date security standards than premise-based environments.

Built-in Reliability
Utilize existing geographically dispersed state-of-the-art data centers without having to build your own. CCaaS providers have heavily invested in robust and highly available solutions that you can take advantage of now and in the future. You’ll get less disruption and more up-time to keep your business running when it matters most.

Flexible Deployment
CCaaS solutions allow agents to be full contact center participants no matter where they are. At-home agents or remote offices get full contact center functionality – including call recording, WFM, and desktop. This flexibility gives your contact center an efficient disaster recovery plan based on remote agent access.

ccaas choosing the right solution
Choosing the Right Solution

Cloud, Premise, or both?

The right option for your business depends on your unique needs. Let the contact center experts at DDV guide you to the best answer. DDV works with the top providers of both CCaaS and premise contact center technologies. As a platform-agnostic contact center expert, DDV is in a unique position to evaluate your contact center’s requirements against the capabilities and features of both premise and cloud based platforms. Rather than selling you a specific product, we make sure you get the right solution.

If you have a temporary need or if you’re not ready to make an enterprise commitment, a hybrid solution might work best for you. Using CCaaS for departmental or temporary requirements can help solve a specific need or give you the experience that will help you determine the best long-term solution for your business. Let DDV share the experience we have gained by evaluating businesses and helping them implement the right decision.

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What is Contact Center as a Service?
CCaaS is a full-featured contact center based in the cloud. All technology components required to build out the contact center that fits your needs are part of the solution.
Inbound Contact Handling
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Agent desktop application for handling voice and digital (eMail, Web Chat, SMS) communications
  • Routing rules for inbound voice and multi-media
  • IVR self-service
Outbound Contact Handling
  • Robust outbound campaign handling and fully TCPA compliant
  • Agent-based preview, progressive, and predictive dial campaigns
  • Automated voice (IVR) outbound campaigns
  • Multi-media (eMail, SMS) outbound
Agent Efficiency
  • Pre-built connectors to popular CRM systems (Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Zendesk, etc.)
  • Call and screen recording
  • Work Force & Quality Management
Management Tools
  • Cradle-to-Grave reporting
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) focused dashboards
Multi-Channel Contact Center
A Competitive Advantage

Better, Faster, Cheaper!

With CCaaS, your business can save money while improving efficiency and increasing productivity. CCaaS allows contact centers to be more nimble in responding to an ever-changing environment. Built-in multi-channel capability, superb support for remote agents, immediate scalability, and an easy to administer environment are just the beginning.

Reach out to DDV to learn more about how CCaaS platforms can enable your contact center to better meet your customer service needs.

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