Don't wait for your customer to become frustrated

Is your contact center purely reactive? Do you wait for customers to contact you with questions or problems? By developing a more proactive mindset and pushing pertinent and timely information to customers before they ask for it, you’ll set your contact center up for success.

DDV helps businesses improve customer service through outbound solutions that include:

  • Agent-based Dialer
  • Automated Voice
  • Email/SMS Notifications
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Improve the customer journey every step of the way

With proactive outbound communication your contact center will:

  1. Prevent customer frustrations and reduce incoming calls. Proactive communications keep customers in the know so they don’t have to call and ask what’s going on.
  2. Save money. The most effective way to reduce contact center costs is to leverage automation. Automated delivery of outbound messages is more cost efficient than tapping into your inbound resources.
  3. Increase customer loyalty. Keeping the customer informed through proactive communication improves satisfaction and their perception of the value your organization brings them.

No matter what your customer’s journey with your business may be, there’s a way to inject proactive communications that help your customers stay in-touch with your business. Pushing information to customers prevents customer frustration and reduces the load on your inbound contact center.

Partner with DDV for the outbound solutions that will give you happier customers at a lower cost.

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