Respond to your customers in real time

Today’s customers want instant answers without having to talk to someone on the phone. If your contact center isn’t equipped to handle SMS and web initiated communications, then you can’t provide your customers with the experience they want or need.

Too few contact centers are prepared to communicate with customers over text-based channels like SMS messaging and web chat. With these forms of communication becoming more desirable for a growing segment of the population, you need to equip yourself with the right solution to meet this demand. DDV helps organizations implement SMS and web chat solutions that work within your contact center so you can provide a better customer experience across the entire customer journey.

Harness the power of chat

SMS and web chat are highly efficient forms of communication to give your customers the immediate information they need. Ideal for quick interactions and updates, these text-based channels give your business better reach over your customer base.

DDV can develop a solution that allows efficient routing of SMS and web chat messages to your contact center so your agents can respond efficiently. From dedicated solutions to blended agent groups, we have the technology and knowledge to make sure you engage with your customers when and where they need you.

Are you ready to harness the power of chat in your contact center?

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